Aromatics Elixir by Clinique, a fragrance like no other


Aromatics Elixir by Clinique
Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

Aromatics Elixir is a chypre and woody fragrance, recognized for its very assertive character. This is the best-selling reference in France for the Clinique brand.

However, this brand was originally rather known for its “fragrance-free”, refined and sanitized cosmetic products. That said, Aromatic Elixir has conquered the hearts of the public and is part of the line of perfumes that are said to be timeless. In fact, it made its appearance in 1971. Rare are those that are so long lasting and, although its fragrance is of a very pronounced refinement, one wonders what is the secret of Clinique so that this longevity has been made possible.

Aromatics Elixir, a story dating back over forty years

Cinique is above all a brand specializing in skincare. So, although the project to create a perfume was secretly growing, it was not at the center of the concerns. However, Carol Phillips, president of the brand, and Dr Norman Orentreich, dermatologist, provided enough impetus for the laboratories to work on its design. They wanted him to be “much more than a perfume”. So Bernard Chant, knowing Estée Lauder’s pronounced taste for fragrances of character, decided to work with a woody chypre. Bold choice, especially when you know that the fashion of the time was more towards florals and fresh waters. Of course, when it was released in 1972, Aromatics Elixir will surprise more than one. If, initially, only the initiated are interested in it, word of mouth quickly takes effect. And, since that day, time seems to slip over him and makes him totally timeless. This very “old-fashion” perfume known for its elegance has thus become synonymous with “nouveau chic”.

Clinique offers us a fragrance of character

Aromatics Elixir is a powerful fragrance. Both mysterious and timeless, it surprises as much as it intoxicates us with its sustained scent. Its raw materials are noble and rare, and its perfect balance commands admiration. Today, Aromatic Elixir Extrait de Parfum is known for being a benchmark among fragrances combining rose and patchouli, it is the leader in Clinique perfumes.. As soon as you remove the cork from the last, it opens with woody and chypre notes to release a scent of vetiver. It also gives it a very relaxing look. Patchouli and oakmoss are mixed with it, which smells more earthy. Her heart, on the other hand, is sublimated by the Bulgarian rose joined with an armful of jasmine and the delicate flower of Ylang Ylang. Finally, the whole is sensualized by ambergris.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique is very concentrated and affirms the personality and femininity of those who wear it. This masterpiece by Bernard Chant manages to combine floral lightness with the power of a very assertive fragrance. It is undoubtedly this accuracy and this balance that make this 40-year-old still a great success today.

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