Azzaro pour Elle, the olfactory embodiment of seduction


Azzaro pour Elle, the olfactory embodiment of seduction
Azzaro pour Elle, the olfactory embodiment of seduction

The Azzaro perfume for her is a fresh and light fragrance while being very sophisticated and glamorous.

The least we can say is that it is a fragrance that has the power to give confidence to the woman who wears it. Azzaro for her is a scent of seduction. After all, as Loris Azzaro said: “a perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”. It is floral, woody and amber… And above all particularly feminine.

Azzaro for Her, the scent of love

Azzaro pour Elle is a fragrance that is discovered over time and gradually releases its many facets. Indeed, it evolves like a budding love story. He goes from the surprise of a nice meeting to the game of seduction, to end with a more carnal exchange. Its smell gradually increases in intensity. Azzaro for her starts with a very surprising flight. It combines the freshness of cardamom with a champagne accord. Thus, the fresh, lemony and spicy notes are joined to more tangy and sparkling tones. This start brilliantly underlines all the audacity that we know at Azzaro. Then, seduction takes place thanks to a particularly feminine ingredient: the rose. Beyond being particularly glamorous, it is also the element embodying love par excellence. The refinement is at its peak and Azzaro’s magnetism for Elle is most captivating. Then, the lily, more charismatic and spicy, makes its appearance. It brings with it its share of modernity. Finally, we catch a glimpse of the more carnal side of the essence. Its trail elegantly combines the warmth of incense and the depth of cashmere wood.

A luxurious setting for a woman of character

Azzaro pour Elle is contained in a bottle reminiscent of the legendary Azzaro pour Homme launched in 1978. Of course, it is more feminine than its eldest. These lines are clean and particularly sophisticated. Its faceted appearance gives it a very contemporary architecture. All the codes of the house are united, like its collar underlined by a belt of rhinestones. This very couture element is characteristic of the Azzaro house.

Azzaro pour Elle is a perfume designed for a woman of character. Indeed, Loris Azzaro particularly appreciated women who dare, always a little more but never overdoing it. The Azzaro woman and self-assured, somewhat sassy but just as irresistible. This magnetic beauty is then embodied by Ana Beatriz Barros. The pretty blonde lends herself to a particularly daring game of seduction. She does not hesitate to overturn anything in her path until she reaches the arms of the man so coveted. So, you too, dare to listen to your desires and be an Azzaro woman.

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