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Coco Noir: the sensuality of CHANEL


Coco Noir: the sensuality of CHANEL
Coco Noir: the sensuality of CHANEL

The magnetism of Coco Noir by Chanel

Chanel has always used black to highlight women. For this house of creation, it is a color revealing femininity. This paradoxical bias then becomes all the more magnetic. Also, Chanel this time decided to make a perfume of it. Coco Noir is a modern oriental that is both luminous and totally captivating.

Black, Chanel’s iconic color

In the past, black symbolized for women the color of mourning. However, Coco Chanel did not hesitate to revolutionize the trend by appearing in this color. As she said so well “Before me, no one would have dared to dress in black.” This outstanding designer has spent her life inventing a style that is uniquely her own. Also, she saw in the dark a mysterious aspect which allowed the woman to shine more beautiful. What is more, this color expresses the quintessence of the refinement of Byzantine art, an art particularly appreciated by Gabrielle Chanel. Over time, black became his real signature. Chanel then decided to make it a perfume intended for all women who have chosen to express their femininity straightforwardly.

Coco Noir, a bewitching fragrance

Coco Noir is a fragrance in which woody and musky scents dominate. It is similar to velvet and lets burst a dark and bewitching note. Its mystery comes from the association of sandalwood from New Caledonia and patchouli from Indonesia. Vetiver, on the other hand, only increases its intensity. What is more, it is associated with incense as well as cedar. Coco Noir is a mystical fragrance that does not hesitate to drown white musks in the smoothness of tonka bean and in the exoticism of bourbon vanilla. It displays a wake on the border between darkness and light. However, it does not lack dynamism and draws its liveliness from grapefruit, bergamot and pink berries. Her femininity, meanwhile, shines through a huge bouquet of flowers. This one also consists of jasmine, rose, geranium and narcissus. The whole is then particularly elegant and worthy of all the refinement of the Chanel brand.

Coco Noir is an intense and elegant juice. It is as enigmatic as it is unexpected and is displayed through a deep black and a fascinating olfactory presence. Like the designer of the Chanel brand, it is incredibly seductive and overwhelming . If it offers a dazzling flight, it quickly evolves towards a generous heart then towards a magnetic wake.

Chanel black

Coco Chanel is known for her very avant-garde spirit . This designer can boast of having truly revolutionized the world of fashion as well as that of perfumery. Also, it also happened through his daring use of colors. Indeed, at the beginning of the last century, no woman dressed in black. In addition, this color was reserved for the period of mourning. However, it was Gabriel Chanel who dared to put this color forward. As she puts it so well: “Before me, no one would have dared to dress in black. She then made this color her signature. Indeed, according to her, it is a deep shade that only contributes to the radiance of feminine beauty.

The sensuality of Coco Noir

Also, it is precisely this feminine aura that shines on all sides with the Coco Noir fragrance. This is based in particular on woody and musky tones. He uses dark notes to make them even more spellbinding. Coco Noir contains in particular sandalwood from New Caledonia as well as patchouli from Indonesia. Likewise, it delivers a mysterious scent of vetiver embellished with incense and cedarwood. The tonka bean from South America, for its part, helps to give the whole a smoother appearance while the bourbon vanilla underlines the whole with a touch of exoticism. Coco Noir displays a dark trail enhanced by the luminosity of grapefruit and bergamot. Likewise, jasmine, narcissus and rose help to give it its share of femininity.

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