Le Teint UltraTenue, the new Chanel foundation


Le Teint Ultra de Chanel
Le Teint Ultra de Chanel

Chanel’s new hybrid foundation

Today’s women no longer own a minute. Their daily life is punctuated by their professional life, their personal development and their family life. Some of them would dream of having a gift of ubiquity to be in a thousand places at the same time. In the midst of this frantic pace, it sometimes becomes very complicated to find a few moments to give to your beauty.

However, French elegance endures and makeup remains one of the privileged moments that all women today agree to. In this context, the house of Chanel has decided to give them a little boost by creating a kind of hybrid foundation between makeup and skincare. Focus on the brand new Chanel Teint Ultra.

Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue, a hybrid product

Chanel Teint Ultra Tenue is a new generation product which acts both as a base for make-up and as a foundation. Suitable for all skin types, it is a perfect product for all busy women today.

Based on a new technology, Perfect Light Diffusion Complex, developed by Chanel’s research and development team, it incorporates two different types of powders. The first captures, diffuses and reflects light. Thus, the Chanel Teint Ultra foundation immediately brings more radiance to the face and proves to be a perfect ally for too dull skin. The other powder is used to blur imperfections.

It helps control the shine of the skin and diminishes the appearance of pores. This avant-garde formula strikes a perfect balance between luminosity and color correction. From then on, your face displays an absolutely perfect harmony. All your small imperfections and pigmentary irregularities are erased. The only result is skin perfectly radiant with freshness and life.

The other assets of Chanel Teint Ultra Tenue

What’s more, the new Chanel Teint Ultra doesn’t stop there. It has an instant mattifying action. Absorbent powders are mixed with zinc and polysaccharides. This cocktail creates an embellishing layer that envelops the epidermis in softness throughout the day. The excess sebum is immediately reduced and the Chanel Teint Ultra foundation acts as a real protective shield to protect the epidermis from external aggressions.

Slightly textured, this product offers remarkable hold and promises a flawless complexion from early morning until night. Its coverage is modulated according to your desires.

The Chanel Teint Ultra foundation comes in an infinity of different colors, ranging from a very light and almost translucent shade to much more intense tones. Either way, each one delivers a matte and luminous finish.

This new product is presented to us in an elegant transparent frosted glass tube, topped with a shimmering black cabochon and soberly decorated with the initials of the house of Chanel. Once again, Chanel is therefore proving to us its ability to play in the register of refinement while adding extreme practicality.

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