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Parfum d’Empire – Cologne for Winter Eau de Gloire


Parfum d'Empire - Cologne for Winter Eau de Gloire
Parfum d’Empire – Cologne for Winter Eau de Gloire

For this winter and in homage to Jean Cocteau, Parfum d’Empire signs this Cologne for winter “Eau de Gloire” in vintage edition – 500ml.

A unique trail, full of character and passion, for men and women. It is the alliance of opposites, cool and warm, transparent notes and rich natural materials, softness and vigor. The water of the builders, that of those who change the world.

Eau de Gloire is an adventure, a story, a work of art.

Water of the builders, it represents the wake of all those who entered the legend alive. A powerful and elegant freshness, capturing the essence of conquest. For the man and for the woman.
It is with Jean Cocteau that we navigate this Eau de Gloire. A way to pay homage to the great poet for the fiftieth anniversary of his death. Director of life, artist with a thousand facets, at the same time and by turns novelist, playwright, filmmaker, designer, he was this genius who embraced life with an extraordinary artistic gaze.

“Look like nothing. Look like no one. There is no praise that can touch me more. » Jean Cocteau

Parfum d'Empire and Jean Cocteau
Parfum d’Empire and Jean Cocteau

This rare water is only published in 300 copies. Resulting from an exceptional maturation of 10 years, this vintage has a unique character and complexity.

The scent – Eau de Gloire

An eau de Cologne that opens with the sparkling freshness of green notes (galbanum) and citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, bergamot) blossoms around aromatics (lavender, myrtle, rosemary) and affirms its personality with warm accents of leather. mixed with incense and hay.
It is the alliance of opposites, cool and warm, transparent notes and rich natural materials, softness and vigor.

The story – Eau de Gloire

It was in 2003 that Marc-Antoine Corticchiato composed Eau de Gloire, an eau de toilette paying tribute to those Corsicans who left their maquis to conquer the world. In the same vein, the perfumer is designing a more summery eau de Cologne version. Then, in the impetus of new creations, the perfumer will never present this version to the public and will forget for ten years this barrel of concentrate in a cellar …

When he found it again in 2013, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato noticed that over the years, this cologne imagined for summer days has turned into Cologne for winter. Protected from air, heat and light, the concentrate has macerated by a mysterious alchemy like an exquisite liquor. In the crucible of time, its aromatics and resins are linked, improved, intensified; its warm accents of tobacco and leather have gained in depth. But its citrus fruits have not lost any of their sparkle.
Magnified by the design of Jean Cocteau, it is this unique and rare “extra-old” Eau de Gloire – Cologne for winter that Parfum d’Empire offers to connoisseurs.

The creator – Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Sketch Bottle - Cologne for Winter Eau de Gloire
Sketch Bottle – Cologne for Winter Eau de Gloire

With Parfum d’Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato signs one of the last artisanal perfumeries. An author’s perfume, contemporary, which draws from the past and from modernity its requirement and its inventiveness.

“With Parfum d’Empire, I wanted to reconnect with the primary meaning of perfume, the one found in all cultures: eroticism and the sacred. Because, at all times, seduction and spirituality constitute the deepest meaning of perfume, its original truth. Amorous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest … perfume is conquest, perfume is exploration. To give this tradition a contemporary expression, I appeal to my own emotions, to my intuition, because nothing is more universal than the intimate … It is therefore an author’s perfume, personal and artisanal, created from of the most noble raw materials, which I want to offer. Breath of the gods, turmoil of bodies… To set out to conquer the most complex and mysterious of empires: the empire of the senses. » Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

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