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The importance of the packaging of a perfume


The importance of the packaging of a perfume
The importance of the packaging of a perfume

The cooks say it: the visual of a dish is at least as important as its taste. Indeed, it is he who will make you want to taste it or not. Well, it is the same in the field of perfumery. In this case, the packaging of a perfume is essential to make you want to buy it. After all, it’s the first image you’ll remember before you even smell it.

The choice of colors

Before even focusing on the form, let us note already that the color of the packaging of a perfume is important. Indeed, the latter transmits a message to the consumer. On the one hand, it generally indicates whether it is a feminine or a masculine essence . On the other hand, each shade gives full indications about the product itself. For example, orange is synonymous with vitality, black is more elegant, gold evokes glamor and silver is a sign of power. It is therefore appropriate for the creators to design packaging in total correspondence with the target of chosen consumers.

The shape of the packaging

Likewise, the shape of the bottle and of the packaging of a perfume is particularly careful. Indeed, perfumers compete in ingenuity to catch your eye. This explains in particular that the misappropriation of objects is more and more in vogue. Likewise, beyond the aesthetic aspect, the packaging must retain a certain practicality. It is then designed to facilitate their handling and to properly protect the product.

The brand and logo

Finally, the packaging must clearly show the brand or the logo of the brand that creates the product, especially when it is a luxury item. In this case, it can be a real trigger for the purchase, hence its importance. However, this should be done in a subtle way so as not to overwhelm the whole.

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